new album

"Warren Murfitt's first album under his own name is so guilelessly straightforward, you could be forgiven for thinking that this cowboy- hatted singer-songwriter and his old-school country tunes got frozen in amber (or bourbon) in some saloon miles from anyone who has any digital anything." (Ken Eisener, The Georgia Straight March 2012).

Warren Murfitt's first solo album harkens back to a time when country music was unaffected, had tender lyrics and ca

me straight from the heart. Murfitt is assisted on this album by ace guitarists Paul Pigat and Paul Rigby with John Ellis on peddle steel. Simon Kendall played piano and produced the CD with the help from John Raham who engineered and mixed the recording. Bob Wills, Buck Owens and George Jones are unmistakable influences with their pared down sound reflected in Murfitt's tunes.